How To Wear: Sequin Leggings

Clearance sales do strange things to people. They seem to disorient and affect judgement. The Jägermeister of Shopping, so to speak.

Well, with a rogue ASOS sale, I made some questionable decisions. More specifically, I bought…

Baby blue sequin leggings.

Yeah, I don’t know where it came from. You saw a sneak peek of them in my post where I waxed about my new shoes, which I also got in the ASOS sale, but they are so much more than anything a camera could capture. Truly. Flat, soft blue sequins on one side, ultra-soft jersey on the back. This prevents the sequins from totally destroying themselves when I cross my legs or sit on anything three-dimensional.

UnIntentional manicure-matching. 

Anyway, so I bought these bad boys, and I’ve been wearing them around the house with everything from a neon yellow silk top to my pajama shirt. I wear them just to wear them, basically, and I want to stop these shenanigans and do justice to these shining gems. Seriously, I feel like a mermaid (specifically Daryl Hannah) every time I wear them. Blonde and 5’11” and friends with Dolly Parton and Shirley McLaine.

So, when it comes to doing said sequin leggings fashion justice, I asked the internet what I was supposed to do, and the internet spewed tons of amazing (and horrifying) ideas for me to mull over. The question: how the hell do I wear these?

How The Internet Wears Sequin Leggings:

I love the idea of treating sequin pants and leggings like they’re any other pants in your closet. I’m into the idea of wearing them as though they are the most casual of pants. Adding different textures like cotton button-down shirts, knit sweaters, or smooth black over the sharp texture of sequins has nearly limitless possibilities.

Where to Buy Sequin Leggings

If you can find them cheap, you really should consider picking some up! You never know when there’s going to be a neighborhood sparkle party. Or maybe you’ll get dumped and need to act out! Either way, they’re sure to come in handy. Some things to note:

  • Make sure the sequins are as flat-against-the-fabric as humanly possible. You’ll be amazed at the amount of stuff those bad boys get caught on.
  • The higher the waist, the better – in general! No one likes seeing your panties – or worse – and sequins don’t make the experience better for anyone.
  • If you’re a leg-crossed, consider panels. There are tons of leggings out there with only sequin panels – meaning a portion of the leggings are just jersey or cotton, free of sequins. Mine are this way and, like I mentioned, crossing my legs and sitting on gnarled fabrics (like, um, my couch) are not a concern thanks to the soft, smooth panel in the back.
  • I wouldn’t pay more than $60 for a pair of new, sequined leggings of good quality.
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But, of course, if you can DIY these – I am your servant!

 Would/do you wear sequin leggings?