How We’d Style: Sand-Colored Lace-Up Boots (from @6pm!)

We’ve been called a great many things during our time blogging about fashion & style… Among the top of the list:  excitable. I mean, where else are you going to find a beauty editor whose first discussion topic is her obsessiveness? No “hi, I’m into makeup” or “hey, I’m from Spain” – just “hi I’m obsessive, and I am not kidding.” 

So, when starts chatting you up about boots on Twitter, and gives you hard zingers like “what’s your favorite boot style AND YOU CAN ONLY PICK ONE(paraphrased for dramatic intent)… Please do not be surprised if we tend to take things a little bit further than casual conversation.

First – the boot we picked after much one-on-one discussion and contemplation: lace up boots with a low, stacked heel. It took us like 20 minutes to get to that point and I’m still wavering. But alas, we continued.

Are you kidding me!? You’re playing with pandora’s box of online shopping here, buddy. I don’t know if you’re ready for the kind of time and effort we put into the tiniest of questions. Three hours and 740 browser windows later… We have an answer.

This is how we’d style lace-up boots!

I know, it’s like a texture fiesta up in here.

We can’t help it! Something about the light-colored material on these boots makes us feel like we’re in Almost Famous, which obviously means we don’t care about any kind of mix’n’match rules, and take nothing seriously because if you never take anything seriously, no one gets hurt. (In case anyone, you know, thinks movie references in blog posts are still cool.)

The Boots

Aren’t they glorious? From left to right: Dolce Vita Madrona Boots – so perfect, right? They’re on the higher end of our “WANT” spectrum at $127.50, but that’s not stopping the drool. Next, we have an unexpected brand, Timberland, and a suede boot that looks like it could kick my ass. But then it’s suede, so it’s classy, and would never raise a hand to a shoe-admirer. It’s an all-around good boot, especially for $78.75. Lastly, a cutesy-pie addition: the Athens boot by Seychelles. It’s such a flattering and interesting cut! Price pretty well at $87.61 – not bad for Seychelles boots!

The Coats

The coat on the left is by Michael Kors and is available for a total steal on, well, 6pm. I swear it wasn’t intentional, but they have this sweater coat on the best sale – over $100 off at $71.99. The fur is detachable, in case you’re just interested in The Perfect Sweater Coat. The one on the right in now on both my and Jen’s wish list as of two seconds after we saw it. It’s an “army” anorak that we found at Nasty Gal. It’s got faux fur everywhere, and a killer fur-lined hood, and will cost you $88, but I’m going to justify the price with my emotions and say IT’S WORTH IT.

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The Dresses

Jen’s addiction to lace dresses may or may not have influenced these selections. Mostly I wanted a short skirt and a long jacket, and she loves Cake, the band, so we were pretty much synced up, really. These are “autumn-appropriate” because they… have sleeves! And because it’s autumn and I want to wear them, mostly. The dress on the left is the Rewind Lace Dress and can be found at Kohl’s for $32.99. The other dress has short-sleeves and a peplum, which is important, and is from ASOS for a measly $25!

The Tights

Yes, more patterns and lacey things because why not? We were really interested in trying to find some burgundy patterned tights, but couldn’t find any for a really good price – so you’ll have to deal with dark blue, brown and black – all of which are available at 6pm for $9.99. I’m definitely the type that likes to add big-ass socks between the boots and the tights, but that’s just me.

The Glasses

We couldn’t resist adding some glasses in there… We both wear them so, I mean, it’s not like it’s unrealistic or anything. These are just fancy and make us feel special. Also, we need reasons to justify owning them, and are hoping you guys can help us out with that. The brown pair is my favorite – Spitfire Studio glasses available for $21. The black pair are classic and forever hold a place in my heart. They are Madewell Bookshop Glasses, and cost $34.99.

How would you style lace-up boots?

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  • Great! Love lace up boots. I don’t own a pair in these color. I love the items you choose to style the boots.