I’ll Vacuum for Barney’s Warehouse Sale…

As a resident of The Internet, I’m not ashamed to tell you that I get a little lazy around here. That’s what the internet is for, after all, right? But I mean, I get lazy about¬†responsible internet things – updating my Mint account with, um, proper budgets, keeping up with Budget Bytes and Closet Cooking to make sure that I eat awesomely cheap food, and honestly…¬†shopping. I’ve been so busy this month that my lazy times are filled with rampant chatting, photo editing, or Facebooking until my eyes bleed.

Thankfully, I was able to receive the radio signals alerting me to some pretty exciting news…

Barney’s (yes, that Barney’s) Warehouse Sale is coming to town.

…and by town, I mean “The Internet.

This means that your favorite (or your favorite New Yorker’s favorite) Barney’s sale will now be online, available to you, in their sale-i-est form (up to 75% off). Yeah, the left coast jealousy is depleting, New York! What are you gonna do to prove you’re cooler than us now?!

You can sign up for a “preview” (whatever that is) on their site – stay tuned! You can be sure that I’ll be blowing up our Facebook page as soon as it’s open.

  • The same is here with me. The internet lifestyle has made me so lazy that sometime I feel guilty & irresponsible.