It’s No Lemon: 25% Off at GAP – Today Only!

I do love a good sale in the morning… I also like the fact that I didn’t have to go outside wearing more than two layers yesterday, and I also like the idea of wearing open-toed shoes ever again. In honor of spring, we bring you this one-day-only sale at GAP, bringing you 25% off of your favorite spring-inspired garb (or, you know, whatever you want).

Warmer temperatures, thanks to kitschy hipster blogs, makes me think of lemons. ┬áTherefore, please enjoy these yellow things, and if you buy anything, don’t forget to use this code!:


Ends: 4/11/2012 (that’s tonight, at 11:59pm!)

[1969 Sexy Boyfriend Jeans in Lemon Drop, $69.95 ($52.46 after discount); Drawstring Hobo Bag, $39.95 ($29.96 after discount); 1969 Favorite Denim Jacket in Lemon Drop, $69.95 ($52.46 after discount)]

Probably watching Netflix.

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