La Petite Mort: Subliminal Time Travel

La Petite Mort is a performance artist located in Seattle, WA.  With a flare for the dramatic, a saucy approach to fashion (in the rare moment she’s wearing any), and a serious love for the rush of a good steal, she is the Broke-Ass Babe that will add a little imaginative sexiness to your day, and leave you feeling uncomfortable in all the best ways. 

For the past few months I’ve really been liking things with a vintage quality, but closer to the turn of the century.  We’re taking it back… way back. The Hunger Games is going to make this subliminal impression on us all.  Braids are usually hot in spring, but this year it’s going to be a braidemic.

That early-American, post-apocalyptic feel is going to invade our lives in our fashion and music.

Did I mention how much I love braids?

To prepare for the Hunger Games Inspired Fashion Onslaught, you should gather some…


I love the plethora of feminine neutral toned options out there. (Above: Lente Top by Makool Loves You – organic cotton, made to order – and the photos don’t do it justice!)

(From left to right: Makool Loves You Aard DressRed Velvet Dress from Gypsy Junction, $95; detail from Vintage Upcycled Off-White Slipdress, $70.)


You are going to need some bitchin’ leather accessories to toughen up that look.

(Clockwise from top left: Wild West Tan Leather Holster, $112; 3 Ring Underbust Harness by Misfit Leather, $195; Black Herringbone & Leather Spats by EidoL, $78.)

Saucy Skivvies.

(Left: Love Baby Grand Sheer Handmade “Peachy Keen” Knickers, £29. Right: Clo Coco Tap Shorts, $54.) 

Wrap it all up in a tidy bow with ridiculously cute and sexy knickers.


The soundtrack for my look has been the influx of bluesy Americana. I can’t get enough of the Lumineers, Dead Brothers, Peculiar Pretzlemen, Puerto Muerto and Carolina Chocolate Drops. So much good music to get us through any apocalypse that may arise!

Keep an eye out for more from La Petite Mort, or hunt her down yourself (no pun intended) on her site, or find her on Twitter, @MissLaPetite.

  • OH. HELL. YES! (I actually did my hair in a french braid crown when I went to see THG.) Those boots and the underbust harness are amaaaaaaaaaaazing too. Wait…wrap it up in knickers? Are we going superman?