La Petite Mort: Slip Into Something More Comfortable…

La Petite Mort is a performance artist located in Seattle, WA.  With a flare for the dramatic, a saucy approach to fashion (in the rare moment she’s wearing any), and a serious love for the rush of a good steal, she is the Queen of Gore, and the Broke-Ass Babe that will add a little imagination to your day, and leave you feeling uncomfortable in all the best ways. 

New obsession: Nighties.

From outward appearances it would seem I lead a glamorous life.  In reality, probably just like you, I throw on yoga pants and a t-shirt the minute I get home. I made a late New Year’s resolution. I need to stop doing this. I should add a little opulence to my life. I decided to start small with simply sleeping in nighties, preferably silk.

Sound expensive? I raided my local Value Village and walked away with 5 silk vintage nighties for a whopping $40. Last night, possibly for the first time ever, I slept in silk. It was kind of amazing.

You should try it. Start small, maybe weekends. Just do a little something for you.

I have a strange obsession with anything romper like.

(Left: Crochet Lace Deep-V Romper, $48; Right: Mary Green Nouveau Retro Teddy, $48)

I would potentially give up a non-essential organ for this amazing silk romper by Faire Frou Frou ($154).

Lately I’ve been loving things that are well, beyond vintage and have only what I can describe as an “old timey”, romantic feel. (Left: Pinehurst Lingerie Cream Slip with Chiffon & Lace Trim from Blackbird Antiques NC, $14; Right: Daydreamers Frilly Negligee by Emma Highfield, $58.46.)

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