Lea Michele for Candie’s & Fall’s Polka Dot Jeans

I’m not a die-hard Glee fan and it may actually be because of Lea Michele, but that doesn’t mean I don’t find her super talented and extremely… popular?

Anyway, I saw the new fall campaigns for her collaboration with Candie’s, and while I think the shoes were supposed to be the focus (which only worked once, for me), I couldn’t help but take notice of the other cute Candie’s products scattered throughout the shoot & promotional materials.

Namely, those polka-dot jeans.

Of course, nothing I love is ever available online (/dramatic), but I’m eager to see what other ideas Lea Michele x Candie’s has in store for fall.

Do you like this look? Would you wear Lea Michele x Candie’s?

Also, do you have any Candie’s experience? I had a pair of sandals when I was about 15, but I remember calling them “the poop sandals” because they were a really horrible brown color that, now, I would wear in a heartbeat.

Probably watching Netflix.