LOFT is Having a Sale Sale!

Remember Sale Sales? They’re the best.

I know some of you write off Ann Taylor LOFT as a boring and/or mature and/or frumpy place to shop. That’s fine. That just means that, by the time you click over to the sale (oh, “out of curiosity,” of course) and see the abundance of wondrous separates and ridiculous prices, you will be staring blankly over the top of your internet-device-of-choice saying…

“I have wasted so much time not shopping here.”

Just sayin’. I mean, it’s inevitable. Combining a sale sale with LOFT and expecting a docile response from regretful shoppers? Please. That would be nearly impossible.

(Also, do people still call it Ann Taylor LOFT or is it just “LOFT” now? Has Ann Taylor LOFT reached Madonna status?)

Anyway, LOFT is having a 50% off sale sale and aside from anything-over-50%-off sale sales, this is my favorite sale sale. (See what I saled there?)

Check out some of the goods:

Hit the sale here!

Probably watching Netflix.