Sneaks For All, & All for Sneaks

It is a minefield of knock-offs and reproductions out there in Sneaker World right now, and it’s all thanks to Isabel Marant and her wedge sneakers. They’re adorable, no doubt, but they’ve definitely rocket-fueled the loud & proud sneaker takeover because all of a sudden, ostentatious sneakers are everywhere.

In fact, they’re so everywhere that I snapped up a pair for myself at the recent ASOS sale that got everyone I know whipped up into a frenzy. Mine are gorgeous mint green and grey suede hi-tops. They were only $18 (and there are a few more left!) What more could a girl ask for?

I’ve fallen hard for loud sneakers. They grab your attention in the same way a striking stiletto would, but as soon as it’s got you alarmed, you realize… they’re sneakers. It’s not gaudy or tacky, it’s casual, and that makes it ok. See what I mean? If I was wearing bright teal and grey suede strappy sandals in a dive bar, it would be weird; bright teal and grey suede strappy sneakers… Totally acceptable.

Do you see this magic? It’s like a free pass to be as ridiculous and immature with your taste as you like, because when it’s a sneaker, it’s edgy. When it’s a rainbow leather jacket, it’s flashy. I mean, look at my other pair, for goodness sake! White-on-white satin polka dots? Who makes this !@^# up?

Lately, I’m particularly enamored with hi-tops. Where they’re old-school like mine, or old-school like All-Stars, they are a really interesting and expressive upgrade from sneakers, basic flats or… flip flops.


[Clockwise, from top left: Aldo Climer Sneakers, $34.98; Nine West Sneakers, $37.50; Call It Spring Legman Sneakers, $20; ASOS Downtown Hiker Sneaker, $42.50. ]

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