MIA Excursion Boots: My First Fall Affair

It’s begun: my boot twitch. Called a “twitch” only because it can result in involuntary, sometimes physical reactions. Boot twitch’s primary trigger: boot lust. In summer, the dangers are much lower, seeing as everything around me is either open toe, or flat… but autumn rolls around and things start to get a little more… combustible.

And it’s already attacked me once, upon seeing these MIA Excursion Boots at Zappos:

Yeah, that height is killer, but I can’t deny the appeal – look at the sliiiight curve on the inside of the heel! The height of the boot, itself, is pretty great, too. I find that mid-calf boots are the most flattering, for me. I’ll take one in each color, thanks.

> MIA Excursion Boots: $89.95 <

  • Cait

    Waaaaaah! They stop at a size 10! I need a size 11! My boot lust is not sated, yet.

  • aman

    very nice shoes especially black one