Mint: Sea Foam’s Sister

Broke Shopping Hint #26: Remember that until Pantone’s color system is downloaded directly into everyone’s brain, color is subjective.

If you’re looking for that perfect dress/shoes/whatever in eggplant, and you just can’t find it, maybe you’ll see it listed under the color name grape, or aubergine.  But no one’s looking for eggplant anything right now, because it’s summer and you all want seafoam green.  Am I right?

I’m so right.

Instead, look for mint.

Mint is Seafoam’s underestimated little sister.  Everyone accidentally calls Mint by Seafoam’s name, and Mint gets super sad during math class about it and wonders if she should rebel by wearing lots of mascara and appearing morose so people know the difference.  I would like everyone to appreciate Mint as much as they do Seafoam, because as you can see, Mint is pretty fucking great.

Clockwise from left: