Quick Link: MJRSales.com Resells Returned Clothes!

Do you ever wonder what happened to that super-cozy, mustard-colored, cable knit sweater you had to return because it was a little too big? What happens to those clothes? Do they go where thoughts & jokes go? What is consciousness?

Well, I have the answer to most of those questions (I don’t know where thoughts & jokes go):


In this magical place that we’ve been keeping all to ourselves for over a year, you will find everything from Victoria’s Secret bras to Steve Madden shoes on this site. When products get returned, they end up here, and for a tiny fraction of the price. This MODA Cable Knit Sweater? Originally $59.50… is now $8.93. Brand new, with a minor snag on the sleeve. Can’t deal with the tiny flaw? There are plenty of options on the site that are completely defect-free, like these New With Tags skinny jeans from The Limited for $10.93?

But be prepared: MJRsales is basically an online TJ Maxx – you have to dig. Products are listed by individual size (for example, the sweater on the left will link you to the product page for the sweater in a size large), so if you have a lower tolerance for treasure hunting than you do passion for a good bargain – this probably isn’t for you.

If, on the other hand, you get butterflies in your stomach at the idea of brand new clothing for less than $10 – dig in.