Monday Wedgie: April Bitterness & The Springtime Grouch

Welcome to springtime, where Seattle fulfills all of your crappy, boring, unoriginal stereotypes.  One day of sun followed by four days of torrential downpour.  Puddles. Everywhere.  Shut up, L.A., I don’t want to hear it.

Delia*s R2 Stewie Wedge Boot: $16.99

Fortunately, these boots have filled my cloudy, humid heart with sunshine this morning… Boots remind me why I don’t hate rain.  This is important in my Seattle Sanity Smaintenance Strategy.

Also, in celebration of our new, shiny $25 & Under Fashion category, these gorgeous boots are available at the freakish price of $16.99.  Does that make you uncomfortable, because it makes me uncomfortable… in the best way possible.  (Monday morning innuendo?  Sure, if you want.)

Want to readjust your seat even further?

Get an extra 15% off these boots – and anything else your little heart desires from Delia*s! – by using the code:


(Good until 4/25)

Welcome to April.

Probably watching Netflix.