Monday Wedgie: Candy Striped

It’s candy season!!

The season of holidays and overindulgence and really hot ovens is finally upon us, and with it comes approximately two pounds of refined sugar for each of us. Ahhh, America.

I don’t do too much candy-huffing, to be honest. I save all of my gluttony for baked goods and cakes and cupcakes and chocolate. None of that candy nonsense. That stuff makes you fat!

My preferred holiday candy comes in the form of shoes, much like these candy-striped Dollhouse Glamour Wedge Bootie from DSW ($49.95):

Come on… who doesn’t want to buy these, seriously? You could rock them on Halloween, and then again all through Christmas – if you got the red. if you got the black, you’d pretty much be able to wear them whenever you want. I’m tempted to get them just so they’ll look good in my Bookshelf Of Shoes (in progress).  I’m only partially ashamed to admit that I currently have one pair of shoes that have never been worn, but are literally used as decoration. They were a gift, though, so it doesn’t count as bad money management. (Yesss.)

> Dollhouse Glamour Wedge Bootie: $49.95 <


Probably watching Netflix.

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