Monday Wedgie: Conze Wedge, The Stalker

You ever have that feeling like a product is following you around? You know… the jacket that the blogger wore, then you saw in your favorite movie? Or the oxfords that you almost bought at Nordstrom, but didn’t, and then saw them on Kate Moss while browsing your favorite blogs?

Well, this is mine.

This shoe follows me everywhere. I first noticed it because it was adorable & walkable & deliciously neutral yet elegant, and then because it reminded me of Jen’s “Yachty fashion” obsession (which you’ll undoubtedly hear more about). Then, I realized that the brand, Call It SPRING!, is the fine design hand behind the amazing leather & faux fur sneakers that Jen bought last year. And then I saw these damn shoes all over the web for several days. Several. I even considered them for last week’s Monday Wedgie (but c’mon… I made the right choice, let’s be real).

> Call It SPRING! Conze Wedges: $50 <

Probably watching Netflix.