Monday Wedgie: It Just Makes Sense

Here we are, hours away from 2013 (or already there, Australia!) and all I can think about is the impending weather. We’re guaranteed to see lowering temperatures, heightened precipitation, and fewer reasons to leave the house. I’m going to do my best to battle the blues when it comes to available footwear options because, as it is, my heels over 3″ haven’t seen the light of day since September.

So I’m calling for a happy medium.

Chooka Wedge Rain Boot

Chooka Wedge Rain Boots, $60

These are about 1/3rd the price of the famous Jimmy Choo crocodile-print rain boots, and those didn’t even have a wedge heel, or a Camilla Skovgaard-esque sawtooth sole! That last little detail will become awfully handy once that white stuff starts falling from the sky (if it isn’t already!) and freezing into death-pools on the ground.

Rain boots not-so-secretly make me obsessed with socks due to the obvious, magnetic love that warm socks & wellies have for each other. I just picked up these (favorite) and these specifically with tall boots in mind!

Probably watching Netflix.