Monday Wedgie: Lucky Hacienda Wedges

These are pretty much the most chilled out, relaxed, laid-back version of an ass-kicking, summery, sky-high, platform wedge that you could possibly find. It’s nice and neutral, made by Lucky Brand. If the quality of their shoes is anything like their jeans, I feel comfortable saying that these are probably pretty well made. The upper isĀ leather, so the comfort level is definitely higher there, and the straps are nice and low which not only makes legs look bitchin’ – but it’ll also avoid that irritating “strap migration” – you know, where the ankle strap grates on your, uh… lateral malleolus, and it’s really, really annoying. Really annoying. Do not want.

> Lucky Brand Hacienda Wedges: $49.97 <


Probably watching Netflix.