Monday Wedgie: Melissa’s Purple Peep Toes

I’ve long coveted Melissa Shoes for their simple design, clean lines, and… well, the fact that they’re eco-friendly shoes that don’t make me cringe.  When I spotted these for sale on Yoox (shopping mall of my dreams, by the way), I couldn’t pass them up.  That super-bright, violet color reminds me so much of springtime… I can’t help but think of how well it will contrast with the green of the grass, and how many photos I would take with my cellphone every time I go to the park with friends for an afternoon… or every time we go to the beach, or when we sit outside that cute cafe and drink iced coffee in the sunshine with big sunglasses on…

Ew, sorry.  I hate getting wistful in public.

> Melissa Purple Peep Toe Wedge: $59 <

PS – I know these are available only in limited sizes, so for those of you who still want/need a Melissa fix, I found these babely wedges for you (which are awesome summer sandals), and they’re available in most sizes for $78!

  • oh WHAT ! love when perfectly spring shoes are on sale NOW. and you are absolutely right about this violet against blades of green grass. the t-strap doesn’t hurt ! love this find.

    ps, !

  • Ashe @ Ash in Fashion

    Fact: Melissa’s don’t come in half sizes, so if you’re GENUINELY a half-size, they won’t work for you. The size down was too snug and the size up my foot slid too much in. Just so no one else’s heart gets broken like mine did!

    • Oooh, thanks for the note, Ashe! (I am between 9 and 9.5)