Monday Wedgie: Over The Rainbow

You find some of the best things in the strangest of places.

Like… JC Penney.

I know, I know, I should give them more credit. They had a complete company overhaul, and have this new life ahead of them full of really low prices and confusing, passionate opinions about sales and how they should work. They even have a new logo that they intentionally want you to recognize as the American flag so you’ll understand that they’re a real, American company that you should definitely shop with. I mean, they paid $80 million per month to tell you about how new & cool they are! JC Penney supports the broke & beautiful, but is definitely¬†not broke… though they’ve drastically improved the beautiful quotient!

JC Penney (or do I call them¬†jcp. now?), all jokes aside, definitely managed to time-machine themselves from geriatric & last-resort to current & potential-weilding with their makeover. I’m finding things on their website that I wouldn’t ever have expected to find – like today’s Monday Wedgie! Do these wedges say JC Penney to you?


// 4.5″ heel (may vary depending on size)
Platform height unlisted, but looks to be about 1″ -maybe 1.5″ (making the 4.5″ heel a lot easier to swallow)
// Faux suede upper with red & pink arcs at the heel
// Elastic mary-jane strap

> Worthington Saturn Wedges: $37 <

  • Just found this site and loved it so much that I have a link on my Blog. I will be forever checking your daily posts and would like you to add my Blog to your list.

  • These are cute…hhhmm may have to take a look at JCP’s shoe collection.

  • These are cute…may have to take a look at JCP’s shoe collection.