Monday Wedgie: Seychelles Good Intentions Wedge


No one likes Mondays.

Every minute that goes by post-alarm-clock is its own special hell, and don’t pretend you chug your spinach-spirulina-haggis shake and skip to work because it’s not humanly possible. You may find that this wedgie is actually the highlight of your morning.

Here’s your wedge-oscope:

We have a penchant for silver shoes around these parts, and the infatuation is far from dwindling. I think it’s safe to say that this week, you’ll be extra shiny – whether it’s through achievements, or good hair days… that’s for the Universe to decide. We just know it’s gonna be good.

There’s nothing better than a basic sandal, am I right? Sticking to the classics & what you know for sure definitely has its time & place. I’m pretty sure that time is now and that place is my feet.

P.S. Do you love to shine in bright, fire truck red? Well, you’re in under-$100-luck.

Snag it! > Seychelles Good Intentions Wedges: $82.99 at Zappos

Edit: Looks like they’ve gone up in price since we wrote this! They are still only $87.99.

Probably watching Netflix.

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