Monday Wedgie: Simple & Sueded

Simple Black Suede Mary-Jane Wedges - $32.50

In the spirit of Friday’s post about simplifying your life in the spirit of true Broke-ness, I couldn’t pass up these simple, timeless, Mary Jane wedges when I saw them this morning. Sure, they’re eleven feet high and the suede isn’t actually suede – but they’ll be relevant to your closet for years and years, which exemplifies the beauty of a thoughtful purchase.

I am a sucker for any and all Mary Janes. The vamp, strap, and platform all closely match my personal preferences. In my opinion, there are few things that don’t look amazing with shoes like these – particularly in the holiday season. Patterned tights, plain tights, no tights, skirts, pants, dresses, slacks, jeans… Find something that doesn’t look great with black, suede Mary Janes, and I will show you a budget fashion blogger who wears Mary Janes with whatever you’re talking about. I am relentless.

> Charlotte Russe Kayla Wedges: $32.50 <


Probably watching Netflix.

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