Monday Wedgie: Spring Break Wedges

You may notice that it’s Tuesday.

Some special employee (ha) of Broke & Beautiful forgot to ACTUALLY PUBLISH this post yesterday, and the last thing I want to do is deprive you of your wedgies. So here it is.

This past weekend was the first time that I’ve had weather-related hope this year. (Well, that’s kind of a lie. I hoped really hard for #Snowpocalypse2012, and will continue to do so every year until snow and sledding is no longer novel and exciting, aka never.) So, my dude and I were sitting in a park, the sun was shining, butterflies were butterflying and and I was wearing… oxfords. Oxfords with bare ankles, but oxfords nonetheless. I felt icky. Dirty.

…And like┬ádefinitely I should have been wearing these:

Spring Break Wedges: $42

They’re the perfect amount of “interesting” and “neutral.” At first glance, they’re an obvious neutral… Wicker or some of that basket crap, right? Neutral. But take a closer look – there are pink and gold threads woven throughout the entire shoe! They’re perfect for someone who only wants a hint of femininity in her badass, beachy wedges. That person is me, in case I wasn’t being clear.

Probably watching Netflix.

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