Monday Wedgie: Zig Zag Wedge


No one likes Mondays.

Every minute that goes by post-alarm-clock is its own special hell, and don’t pretend you chug your spinach-spirulina-haggis shake and skip to work because it’s not humanly possible. You may find that this wedgieis actually the highlight of your morning.

Here’s your wedge-oscope:

 Charlotte Russe Braid-Front Zigzag Wedge: $40

I am craving this shoe on my foot! Not just because of the desire for the sun to come out, but because of the timelessness and simplicity of the upper. I love a super basic sandal – no weird metal buckles or zippers or fringe… Just some straps (thankfully in a style that makes everyone’s legs look good) and a nice, neutral color. Actually, this wedge could be $20 as there is a lovely BOGO (Buy One, Get One 50% off) sale at Charlotte Russe right now – so if I were you, I’d capitalize on that, ASAP! They have lots of springy and summer-y shoes on their site right now.

 Snag it! > Zigzag Wedges on Charlotte Russe: $40

Probably watching Netflix.