Mustache Mac: Don’t Bother Asking Why

For a measley $1.75, this Macbook mustache (which will stick to anything smooth & dry) would make the perfect “Whoopsies” gift for all those nerd friends you decided not to get presents for, because by now you undoubtedly feel that guilt creeping, don’t you? You’re a bad friend. Be a good person, buy your buddies a mustache for their Apple.

Mustache Vinyl Decal by threethirtysix on Etsy, $1.75.

  • I am about to get a MacBook Pro (I’m making the switch, holy cow!) and this is SO totally what I want! I was thinking of getting a robin’s egg blue cover but I adore this!

    • Oooh, but it’s hard to say no to Robin’s Egg Blue, though! Congrats on making the switch – welcome to the club! ;)