New Basic: The Hi-Low Skirt aka Mullet Skirt?

Meet the Hi-Low Skirt.

There is something so universally flattering and, let’s face it, completely hypnotizing about hi-low/hilo skirts… Mullet-skirts, if you must. They’re longer in the back and have this sexy, shut-your-mouth curve along the side, resulting in a higher, saucier front. Maybe it’s just the 8-year-old in me who still thinks handkerchief skirts are kind of cool, but I am so, so into this style.

I don’t think these have an “appropriate” use or that there is a “correct” way to wear them, really… I mostly just want to tuck graphic t-shirts into them and wear boots. That’s probably 80% of what I would do if I had a nice, solid-color skirt like these. Then again, you could wear something really loud on top and it would work, too. Do you see why I like these?

I honestly wouldn’t spend more than $50 on one, given they’re so ~trendy~ right now. Less than $25, if you can manage!

What are your thoughts on hi-low skirts? Have you ever worn one?

(From left to right: Mudd Crinkled Hi-Low Skirt, $21.60; Full Tilt Solid Hi-Low Skirt, $22.99; Joe Benbassett Hi-Low Skirt, $40; Delicate Balance Hi-Low Skirt, $46.)

  • I really like them, but I don’t have one yet. Maybe I’ll pick one up next time I’m out shopping! I definitely like the idea of just tucking a t-shirt into one.

    • Me, too! It’s the easiest way I can think of to wear one!

  • Laura

    I have a dress cut like this from Cotton On. It’s effin rad.

  • I’m too shot to pull these off. And i’ve noticed that my CURVE TASTIC shape makes me look like I have a really big butt and really big thighs all at the same time….or maybe I just do and I don’t like skirts that point it out. sob.

    • Bawwww, I bet you look better in one than you say you do!

  • The first one isn’t too bad. It makes a nice curve along the hemline. I think the blue one is butt-ugly and unflattering, even though I like the color. The black one is only better because it’s black. Both of them are too straight across the front hemline, like a mullet with bangs. Definitely not a look for me.

    • They’re definitely not for everyone. :) I totally get the “mullet with bangs” thing, though, hahaha.

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