New Obsession: Striped Midi Skirt

I saw an editorial in some Big Magazine years and years ago… I remember it like it was yesterday! The girl was wearing a red, jersey, column skirt that hit her about 3 inches below the knees, and underneath, she wore opaque grey tights. Love at first sight, truly. In the years since, I’ve collected (& discarded) a lot of “almost” skirts, and a modicum of red and grey tights… I hunted for the perfect red skirt, or even the perfect grey skirt, for what seemed like forever. Then, as obsessions tend to do, my vision expanded to midi column skirts of any kind.

L-R: Jack by BB Dakota Nikki Skirt, $45.99; Allen Allen Skirt, $26.99; Bobeau Striped Midi Skirt, $33.90.

They’ll work with anything! I can so easily see it, and I so badly need one… two… six, whatever. Not only have they been in my dreams on and off for the last few weeks, but I’ve also been seeing them around more. Especially¬†striped midi skirts, but mostly just midi skirts.

Pajama Clothing holds such a unique beauty. The length is super formal, but the stripes negate any kind of non-casual ideas about this skirt… No one will accuse you of being overdressed again! …or underdressed! What could be more perfect?