Obsessed With Salad Bowls? Blame Pinterest.

I don’t know if it’s my arrival into the “late twenties,” my obsession with cooking, or the fact that I’m my mother’s daughter, but I am obsessed with serveware.  You know, artistic salad bowls, unreasonably large plates, and pitchers that weigh 40 lbs. but are always being passed around a ~Brunch Table~.

Really, it’s Pinterest’s fault.

Chickpea & Tomato & Cilantro Salad are you kidding me? 

Chef’s Salad

Wading through gobs and piles of perfectly-styled consommes and how-can-that-be-nutritious salads…  It can make a girl go crazy with a need to have amazing bowls.  Do I have space for them? NO!  But in a world where Pinterest sets every bar whimsically high, a girl needs to have a good collection of salad bowls, am I right?

You might think this post is weird, but I don’t care.

My Favorite Salad Bowls.

Now, I’m about to get really serious about bowls, so please hold your applause and/or laughter and/or pointing until the end of post, and/or after I’ve left the room.

I have two categories of bowls, and those are loose categories – pretty technical, I know.  You probably wouldn’t peg me as a bowl girl, but you would be oh-so mistaken.  I love bowls.  I have more bowls than plates, and I like it that way.  Basically, I have big serving bowls, and small bowls.  They are sometimes inter-changable but mostly not really.

Small bowls are used for things like individual servings (duh), saucy sauces, condiments…  Or if you want to be super fancy, you could grab one of the oven-to-table options and bust out some individual baked dishes (pot pie, french onion soup, souffle, etc!) for your friends and make them always want to be at your house – then you’ll never feel like a loser again!

I apparently have a thing for yellow right now.

Big Serving Bowls are my favorite thing to collect, because – at least in my world – nothing ever has to match!  So if I see something that’s really beautiful, affordable, and unique and it doesn’t match a single thing I have, I can still snag it.  There is nothing cooler at a potluck than the rainbow of personality-toting service bowls.  (I told you I was going to get serious about serveware bowls, and I wasn’t kidding.)

I have all three of these in shopping carts right now and I am seriously trying to be so good.  We may have ONE!  But NO ONE BUYS MORE THAN ONE, OK? We have to keep each other in check here.  (I think I’d go for the awesome hammered metal/wooden bowl – swoon!)

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Tell me about your favorite bowls!