Peonies Make Happy Tea

Peonies are, apparently, “the flower of riches and honor.” They are traditionally considered omens of a happy marriage and prosperity in the home, so I guess it’s good that I think they’re really pretty and one blooms outside my house. Even though I’m not married. Because I have a house. It should be prosperous and happy.

This is not a hint, Boyfriend.

I didn’t have much face-time with peonies until I moved into my current house, actually, and a couple of years ago I was blown away by the huuuuge flowers blooming below my bathroom window. I had no idea what they were, but I had to find out and, once I did, I got really into peonies for a while. They’re everywhere now (or maybe I’m just noticing them more often?) and I don’t mind.

This peony infuser mug is available at Teavana, and on sale for $11.87. I just bought it, because apparently I want to give my boyfriend more not-hints (although I wouldn’t say no, but seriously, we can’t afford a wedding so not yet, okay?) and make my tea happier.

Happy, prosperous tea. Who doesn’t want that?

  • Aw it’s so pretty! I absolutely love Peonies. They smell amazing too.