The Ballad of Cheap Rompers

ASOS' Cheap Rompers!

Fences suck. Especially the fence between “rompers, cute!” and “rompers, ew!”

It’s a really blurry line for me right now! Previously, I’ve gone through two romper-related phases. The initial “Aw hell no!” phase, which lasted a while. Then, I entered the “Well, okay, they’re adorable, but they’re not for me” which I’ve been in for a year or so, and am pretty comfy in. So, now I’m standing here looking at this big jump between where I am now, and “PUT IT ON YOUR BODY” and I’m scared.

As I’ve been discussing with some gals on the Twitter (and thank Wedge I’m not alone), I’m growing so fond of cheap rompers, playsuits, whatever that I’m… starting to… have strange feelings.

You know. Down there.

…on my legs, Nabokov. It’s hot! Summer is starting super early because we’re killing the Earth and I can’t get away with pants forever. Plus, there are all of these really simple, really adorable cheap rompers coming out in stores… I am having a hard time knowing what to do.

Would you/do you wear rompers? I mean, in real life? YOUR life?

* This post wasn’t sponsored by anyone (well, except me, I guess?) but it was¬†brought to my attention by the fact that ASOS has boatloads of rompers under $100 and even more specifically under $50.

[From left to right: Mesh Playsuit with Hawaiian “Detail” (Ugh), $62.62; Cotton Embroidered Romper, $30.44; Playsuit with Lace Insert, $48.71; (Petite!) Playsuit with Strappy Side, $34.79; Lottie & Holly Playsuit in Forties Floral, $48.71; Sleeveless Playsuit with Pussybow, $41.75; Chain Print Bandeau Playsuit, $34.79; (Petite!) Cut-out Playsuit with One Shoulder, $41.75.]

Probably watching Netflix.

2 thoughts on “The Ballad of Cheap Rompers

  • May 25, 2012 at 3:02 am

    No. Been there, done that, and they complicate trips to the bathroom too much.

  • May 25, 2012 at 10:48 pm

    I wore a dress that GREATLY resembled a romper. It makes my butt look HUUUUUUGE. But…it’s so frickin adorable from the front. So I have my boyfriend walk immediately behind me :’D problem solved?

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