Ready or Not: A Summery Autumn Jacket

I’ve mentioned it a billion times in the last two weeks – I’m ready for autumn. Now that the Universe heard me, though, and immediately dropped the morning temperature from 65 to 52… I’m starting to think I was a little hasty.

Not that I want the seasons to stop! Let’s ship summer out – get rid of it. But let’s pace ourselves on the whole “rolling out autumn” thing, shall we? You could at least wait for me to get into this still-summer-colored jacket from Loehmann’s. It’ll take me through the season, for sure, but it’ll also let me keep a little bit of the fresher seasons in my closet! Plus, I want to layer this so badly with a medium grey peacoat on top and a gunmetal sequin top underneath. LET ME HAVE IT.

> Vigoss Burnout Fleece Jacket: $24.99 <

Probably watching Netflix.