Rear View: Loud & Proud

Some of you may remember that I have a penchant for interesting heel designs, aka the sexybacks of shoes. It’s been a while since I’ve indulged…

> Vince Camuto Morning Heels: $71.99 <

This gorgeous, laser-cut heel with gold peeking through is very truly the only decoration this shoe has to offer outside of a gorgeous color and a mega-platform at the toe. I love that everything is exciting and interesting, but just neutral enough to make it versatile/worth paying for. (Althought, the leather upper, and 1¼” platform don’t hurt.)

> Sole Obsession Glen Platforms: $99.95 <

Obviously, these won’t be for everyone. And even for the people who like them, it’s guaranteed you will only like them *sometimes*, but it’s those sometimeses that shoes really make the difference in dramatic effect, youknowwhatImean? Everyone needs shit-kicker, man-eater, life-taker shoes and these are clearly a viable option. There. All laid out for you (just like all of the sad suckers in your way when you wear these sh- ok, ok.)

> Dollhouse Caliber Wedge: $41.25 <

Some of you got a sneak peek at these beauties on our Facebook page, but if you’re new to these emerald wonders – behold. Isn’t it a glorious rear view? The height, plus the super-saturated green (not to mention the 3 other blinding colors these are available in – oh, and black, I guess), and the shimmering gold give of a Saucy Disco Leperchaun vibe that I am way into. At least right at this second, I’m way into. It.