REVIEW: Emilie M Ostrich “Leslie” Bag

On any given weekday day, I can almost always be found carrying at least two bags: my regular purse; a tote with my lunch, snacks, a pair of comfy shoes (in case that catastrophic Seattle earthquake ever happens and I have to walk home – science says it’s coming and I’m not going to be stuck in three-inch heels when it happens); and my laptop bag.

Time to stop wearing my life around my shoulders like a homeless person, eh?

In an effort to force myself to carry just a little less stuff all the time, I’m transitioning to a smaller handbag. Aside from size, I have a few other handbag requirements:

  • My handbag must be cheap (preferably $50 or less);
  • My handbag must be comfortable;
  • My handbag must be timeless…to me, anyway; and
  • My handbag needs to be surprisingly roomy – it can be small, but it still has to hold a lot.

I’ve been carrying the Emilie M “Leslie” Teal Ostrich Crossbody Bag for a month now. Emilie M sent me the teal version, but it also comes in mink and sand. (The mink is beautiful.) This little ostrich purse is tiny and light, but it carries a lot more than I expected it to!

Here’s what’s in this 21.0″x 15.0″x 5.0″ shoulder bag:

  • A clutch wallet;
  • My phone and mp3 player;
  • Loose business cards, an Altoids container, and coupons;
  • My glasses in a hard case;
  • A tin with solid lotion and a travel size bottle of rose water.

I was also surprised at how inexpensive the Leslie crossbody bag is: at just fifty bucks, it looks like real ostrich (it’s not – all materials are animal friendly) and stands up to a lot of wear. All Emilie M handbags cost between $50 and $80, and come in numerous sizes. They’re available at, and for special discounts and sale information, you can check them out at their Facebook page or Twitter.

Emilie M “Leslie” Teal Ostrich Crossbody Bag: $50