Rodarte for the Tree, Perhaps?

> Neiman Marcus x Target Ornament by Rodarte: $19.99 <

For the first time in my adult life, I give a crap about ornaments. I don’t know when I made the switch, but as I was previously completely satisfied with my box of dollar store ornaments, this year I opened it up and it filled me only with sadness. I want to start collecting them, and make a serious effort to get memorable, beautiful accessories for this season. My parents still have ornaments from when I was a little kid! I want to have ornaments that will create nostalgia in the future.

Coming across this Neiman Marcus x Target collaboration was my catalyst. This ornament, designed by Rodarte, is exactly the kind of thing I’d not only love to have for myself, but that I don’t think even my ~very hip~ friends would think this was lame. How could you? It’s a freakin’ Rodarte galaxy!!


Are you a giving person, and plan to snag this for one of your friends this year? How sweet of you. You’ll need something perfect & awesome to wrap that beautiful thing in, won’t you?

Well, you’re in luck.

> Neiman Marcus x Target Gift Wrap
Designed By Rodarte
: $7.99 <

Probably watching Netflix.

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