School- & Street-worthy Backpacks

Let’s get one thing straight: I do not, nor have I ever, supported the notion of Tiny Backpacks. They upset me. Every time I see one hanging from the back of an adult, I feel like my own emotions are attacking me – how could we let this happen? Child-sized, school-themed accessories on grown-ass women? Oh, I don’t think so. Not for me, thanks.

Top row: Herschel Supple Co. Little America Mid Level Bag in Salmon, $85; Herschel Supple Co. Survey Canvas Bag in Black, $55. Bottom row: Herschel Supply Co. Settlement Striped Bag, $90; Topshop Monochrome Striped Backpack, $68; Volcom Don’t Feed The Animals Bag, $43.99.]

But that’s not to say that all backpacks are evil! Certainly not. In fact, we recently had a reader (Hi, Sophia!) ask us about backpacks in a non-ironic way… like for school! Now, that’s a legitimate reason to wear a backpack as a grown adult. I wonder if we asked Sophia if a cutesy, teensy, tiny backpack would work for her, what she would say…

First row: Volcom Giraffe Backpack, $58; Aeropostale Buckle Stripe Backpack, $35. Second row: T-Shirt & Jeans Faux Leather Backpack, $44; Topshop Washed Large Clip Backpack, $72. Third row: Essl “Austrian” Rucksack, $79; Topshop Neon Trim Denim Backpack, $68.

 Get a backpack for grownups.


Probably watching Netflix.

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