Candles For The Cozy Season

Candles are the best, am I right or am I right? There’s no question that the darkest seasons of the year become instantly cozier & warmer when you introduce candles into the mix.

I like scented candles, myself, but I know a lot of people get overwhelmed by some candles because they’re overloaded with super-potent, artificial fragrances and perfumes that just end up smelling gross. You don’t want to be in the house that has to open their windows in the dead of winter because the candles smell like #@!^.

Holiday Pillar Candles

Clockwise from top left: Metallic Bark Pillar Candles, $9.99-$22.99; Crate + Barrel Mica Hurricane Candle, $14.95; Half-Glitter Pillar Candle, $5.20; Glitter Pillar Candle, $3.40.

I like to gather pillar candles of different heights and textures together as a centerpiece, or just kind of an accent on a table. You can set them on top of chargers, or just any dish you find in a second-hand store, or maybe an old one you don’t really care for eating off of anymore!

Seasonal Luxury/Spa Candles

Clockwise from top left: Voluspa Maison Rouge in Figue de Bordeaux, $16; Crate+Barrel Cedar & Balsam Candle, $9.95; Fringe Sanctuaire Kimpetite Candle, $12.50; Lavender & Thyme Tin Candle, $8.

I am a s-u-c-k-e-r for these luxurious spa-like candles. The complex scents and the fancy packaging –  I can’t get enough. They are always stupid-expensive, though, so I have approximately zero in my home, but I give them for gifts all the time! They’re one of those things that I always justify buying for other people, but not myself. That might have to change this year…

There isn’t much point to having a fancy, designer candle if it’s unscented, so please note that all of the candles in this category are stinky (in the best way).

  • Voluspa Maison Rouge in Figure de Bordeaux: “Ripe, tart fruit, green leaves and earthy wood.”
  • Crate+Barrel Cedar + Balsam: “The crisp scent of winter pine and cedar.”
  • Fringe Sanctuaire Kimpetite: “Currant and cassis.”
  • Lavender & Thyme Tin Candle: Seriously?

Tea Light Holders

Tea Light Candleholders

Clockwise from top right:  Crate + Barrel Axis Candleholder, $14.95; Red Floral Elephant Tea Light Holder, $6.99; Chavalier Tea Light Holder, $14.99; White Chick Tea Light Holder, $6.36; Glass Tealight & Votive Holders, $0.99-$2.99; Mikasa Twisted Square Tealight, $3.99.

Do you have a favorite candle scent? Or are all scents horrible? (I know people like you, ‘fess up.)