Seasonal Shift: Spring 2012 Sunglasses Under $25

As you may know, the winter snow has the amazing ability to remind you that sunglasses aren’t just for summertime. The bright light of day glaring off all of those tiny ice crystals can make a morning (or an especially an afternoon hangover) a little unpleasant.

I still love my purple, cat-eye sunglasses, but some of the more popular designer style have my imagination soaring. But! The day I pay over $200 for a pair of sunglasses is the day I turn down an impromptu TJ Maxx trip for an in-depth seminar on socket wrenches. Forget it. Fortunately, where there’s one, there are usually many – when it comes to popular designs, anyway.

Retro Round Lens Sunglasses

Top: Selima Optique Andy Sunglasses

Broke & Beautiful Picks (L-R):

ASOS Oversized Retro Sunglasses: $21.49
Round Retro Sunglasses: $9.50
Monikapolitan Round Clear Glasses: $5

This is one of my favorite styles. The super round lens with the wayfarer-esque wings are kind of old-school, but with the bright colors (like those mint shades at the bottom – I am going out of my MIND about those! They will be mine.) make them really punchy and perfect for today.

Smokey Frame Sunglasses

Top: The Row Square Frame Acetate Glasses

Broke & Beautiful Pick (L-R):

LC Lauren Conrad Wayfarer Sunglasses: $22.50
Mudd Translucent Rectangular Sunglasses: $15.40

I like clear, smokey frames as an alternative to super-techno, clear, acrylic or drab, opaque, grey frames. I especially like the Mudd pair above. The warmer smoke colo is kind of unexpected – I dig it!

Thick Frame Cat Eye Sunglasses

Top: Thierry Lasry Obsessy Marbled Sunglasses

Broke & Beautiful Pick (L-R):

Monikapolitan Retro XL Wayfarer: $8
ASOS Solid Black Cay Eye Sunglasses: $21.49

It’s taken me a while to warm up this bold style, but now that I’ve have a chance to see other people wearing the style, I can get behind the look. When they’re too oversized, it’s not my favorite, but if they fit your face – go for it!

Clear Frame Sunglasses

Top row, L-R: Prism Paris Glasses, Vintage Gucci Sunglasses, Oliver Peoples Sheldrake Sunglasses

Broke & Beautiful Picks (L-R):

Smith Optical 1 Ski Edition Keyhole Sunglasses: $22
 ASOS Round Sunglasses: $21.49

This is kind of outside of my general comfort zone, but I can’t help but be attracted to the classic shape mixed with such a starkly transparent frame. I imagine the world looks pretty good through the lenses of the glasses we found (aka the bottom two)!