Shopping Challenge: Supima Cotton & Modal Leggings

Earlier today, I made a mistake choice to get challenged: I offered to be a personal shopper.

Yeah, I retweet myself – no shame.

What can I say? I love shopping, and more than that – I love shopping for other people. Ask Jen! We go out and I completely forget that I’m wearing clothes at all and would perhaps enjoy to own some more… Instead I wander the aisle screaming “JEN! THIS? YES? NO? YES? YES! OK.” And friends, I want to scream across the proverbial store at you, too. Pretty soon after posting, I had the darling Jaime of Denim Debutante (and mastermind behind Debutante Media) clarifying my terms. What a profesh. Eventually, I had my task:

Done and done.

Supima/Pima Cotton & Modal Leggings Under $50

Alejandra Sky Rhoda Leggings: $22.50

These are 94% modal and 6% spandex – the most modal-y leggings you’re going to find under $50 (these are 50% off, too)! They’re available in a basic black, or basic grey.

fig leaves Thermal Silk Blend Ribbed Leggings: $36

That’s a long product name, but I like the words in it! These are 86% micromodal, 10% silk, and 4% Lycra. I’m big fan of high-waist leggings like these – so much more comfortable, and so much less adjusting. These also come in ivory.

ASOS Wet Look Front Ponti Leggings: $44.76

If you want something a little more intense – check these! Faux leather on the front, 49% modal, 49% cotton, and 2% elastane on the back. Look at you in your edgypants.

But if you ask me, the best option is…

Alternative Apparel Skinny Legging: $34

These are your best pick, Jaime! Not only are they made by awesome, ethical fashion company, Alternative Apparel – but they’re comprised of 47% modal, 47% pima cotton and 6% spandex. They are available in brown or light-ish grey (concrete).

Hope that satiated your luxurious legging needs, Miss Jaime!

For the rest of you, a question:

What can I help you find? (Let me shop for you!)

  • Psh, she WOULD be the first person to jump on a discount shopping request like that. ;)

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  • Leggings have become my favorite piece of clothing. They are so versatile! I wear them to work out, under skirts and dresses on cold days, for pajamas or just lounging. They couldn’t be more comfortable and at these great prices I can bulk up my legging wardrobe guilt free!