Small Space of the Week: Wardrobe Headboard

Small Spaces

I love small spaces.

They kind of symbolize what I love about living broke. Being broke, to me, isn’t just about getting the largest swath of material items for the tiniest amount of cash… it’s about simplifying. Living broke means incorporating habits into your life that maximize efficiency and make things easier – leaving you more space to be creative, happy, and curious. Getting rid of the clutter that unnecessarily drains your resources (cable bills, monthly manicures, shoes every time you’re sad, etc.), not to mention the anxiety that comes with worrying about keeping all of those plates spinning….

You just don’t need that stuff.

So you need sequins? Fine! You should have them. Do you need 18 sequin sweaters? Unlikely! Huge amounts of impulse-buy clothing piles up not just in your laundry basket, but in your closet, on your credit card bills, and then, later, in your garbage can. The only way you can afford 18 sequin sweaters is by buying them for $8 a piece, right? So when those seams fall apart and those sequins start falling off, it’s only a matter of time before you’re basically just throwing your cash directly into the garbage can.

So simplify. Small spaces don’t have to be a direct representation of your paycheck, they can be symbolic of your perspective. Break it down to the things you need, and know you need – leave all the rest behind. You won’t miss it. Let these small spaces inspire you to pare down and find the things you truly love to have around you, and the material items that you really fall in love with. Accept nothing less than the best, you deserve it! 

Please humor me every Friday by letting me share my obsessive respect for these tiny, curated, cared-for spaces in the Small Space of the Week. If you’re as into it as I am, check out my board on Pinterest that’s 100% devoted to tiny spaces.


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  • I don’t understand this idea at all. How do you get to the clothes? Stand on the bed? And what do you lean back on when sitting up in bed? I like the crocheted bedding, though.