Sneakin’: PF Flyers Astor

You can all thank a certain Broke & Beautiful Boyfriend for this find.  I was sent a link to and went directly to the “Last Call” section, as I’m wont to do, where I stumbled upon these glorious beasts.

I love leather on old-school hi-top sneakers.  (See Jen’s Call It Spring! sneakers for more on that.)  More than that, I love unconventional neutrals, like a good, mid-tone grey.  Reserved for drab corporate offices and concrete – but on a shoe?! A hi-top shoe?! I love every bit of it. Not to mention the black is so sleek and clean, but so rough & tough at the same time. Yum.

Plus, since I found them while scouring the Last Call section, they are deliciously discounted.

> PF Flyers Astor Sneakers: $71.99 (Reg. 89.99) <