Spring With a Winter Palette

Don’t get me wrong – I love winter. I’m so into it. It’s my second favorite season (after fall… no pun in…tended?), and as I sit here in Seattle experiencing our once-a-year #Snowpocalypse, I can honestly say that few things make me happier than a start white snowscape with industrial, angular building peeking out of the pillowy blanket of snow.

I just kinda wish it was warmer. A little.

Well, what I really want is to be able to wear the spring silhouettes against a natural background of winter colors. The warm browns, bright whites, frosty pastels, dark greys… But mixed with shorter skirts, bare arms, sleeveless frocks and strappy heels. Why, oh why can’t I have all the things I want? This one only distorts nature a little bit…

Here are some of the things I’d love to wear in spring with a winter palette:

Illumination Sheer Maxi: $45

Waldorf Dynasty Coat: $59.99

Mixed Media Wedge: $38.50

Skinny Moto Pants: $34.99

Collarless Wool-Blend Coat: $40

Saydie T-Strap Platforms: $54
(These are perfect!)

Might have to collage this idea… I can’t get these colors out of my head!

  • Love that collarless ON coat – I have been watching it and waiting for the price to go down further! :)

  • oh! I love ALL your pics! This is my fave palette too… like all the time!