Steel-Toe: Power-Packed Metal-Tipped Heels

I’ve always been a fan of the cap-toe shoe, but my love for them has been hibernating in the back of my mind while I focus on other important things like Mindy Kaling’s endearing smirk and sequins.

Top row: Same shoe, two colors. Elisa Pump (Faux Leather) in Black and Tan, $58.
Second row: ASOS Pluto Heels in Pink Stripe, $63.32;  ASOS Pluto Heels in Snakeskin, $63.32; Gold Metal Cap Toe Heels, $69; Blue Suedette Cap Toe Heels, $44.
Third Row: ASOS Perry Pointed Heels in Yellow, $39.58;  ASOS Pitch Pointed Cap Toe Heels, $42.22; ASOS Perry Pointed Heels in White, $39.58; ASOS Pacey Cap Toe Heels, $55.41. 

I’ve been running across a lot of metal cap-toe heels for a while, and couldn’t help but mention them because… well, I want some. I’ve been seeing metal caps on flats, and wedges, and platforms – pretty much every style of heeled shoe – but a surplus of these elegant, pointed-toe shapes. (Does anyone else feel weird typing “pointed-toe” in reference to shoes because… well, there isn’t a toe involved? Anyway.)

Of course, these bring a bit of a power-bitch mood to the table, but that isn’t always a bad thing. The super-spikey, steel-toe style is pretty fun, I think! The hard edge vibe can be played with by adding some super feminine pieces with these (like a sheer, chiffon camp shirt or something) to temper the Grrr.

On second thought… some days, it wouldn’t be so bad to have a little Grrr on your side. Or… feet?

What do you think of the metal-toe idea?
Which of the above are your favorite style?

Probably watching Netflix.

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