Street Style Favorites

I know it’s Halloween and everything, but I am an old person who doesn’t really dress up or go out or… do… anything on Halloween. So lame, I know. I plan to buy coffee and walk through a lively, bar-filled area of the city, though! We want to see if we can catch a drunken Barney The Dinosaur fight a Pussycat Doll, or something.

My coat collection feels pretty weak after the latest scour through street style blogs like Street Peeper & Style Click (where all of these photos are from). The number of sweaters and soft pants are astronomical, and lighting up the duller months with bright colors and fun textures sounds like a philosophy I could get on board with.

elvis and jesus @

Stand Out: for the latest collection go to the website.

Most of these would require several small loans online, but nevertheless, they are inspiring!

  • Looks like I’mma be rocking street style too. Those outfits look awesome.

  • TJ

    Loving all of these! So fierce!