Striped Shirt + Printed Skirt

Mixing patterns: yet another trend from this year that has me completely terrified. Mix patterns? I can barely color coordinate in the morning, much less throw two objects with many colors each into the mix. On a good day, I’m wearing a pattern. Putting two together would be like suddenly sewing with both needles from two different haystacks.

Nevertheless, I’m willing to try. That’s right, I am definitely willing to try… the really, really, really easy stuff first, thank you very much. I’ll try mixing a pattern-that’s-almost-a-neutral with another pattern! Yeah! For example, stripes and prints are something I can definitely get behind. Stripes are so versatile that they’re as ubiquitous as grey or brown, these days. Mixing them with a cute and not-too-crazy pattern should be easy… right?

Here’s what I came up with:

Striped Shirt Printed Skirt

FANG Fuzzy Striped Sweater, $14.99; Xhileration Circle Skirt, $17.99

Striped Shirt - Patterned Skirt

GAP Button-Cuff Striped Crewneck, $22.95; Book Smart Skirt, $37.99

Striped Shirt, Printed Skirt

Kain Trilby Striped Modal Top, $36.96; Xhileration Circle Skirt, $17.99

Striped Skirt, Printed Skirt

GAP Supersoft Striped Boatneck Tee, $24.95; Topshop Red Check Skater Skirt, $24.95

Striped Shirt, Patterned Skirt

LOFT Striped Lace Top, $44.50; Domino Your Stuff Skirt, $32.99

What are your favorite patterns to mix?

Probably watching Netflix.