The Only Basic T-Shirts I Wear

I never thought I’d be one of those people who “only” wore a certain garment from a certain place… It seems so celebrity and irrational. Queue an array quotes from big muckity-mucks about how they “only” wear Lanvin flats, and J Brand jeans, and “only” carry Mulberry/Marc Jacobs/Dior bags. Blech! What happened to opportunism? What happened to being inspired by the moment, and playing/experimenting with fashion? Becoming exclusive with a brand or item seems so limiting.

Well, at least, it used to seem that way before I discovered the most perfect v-neck t-shirt from an… unlikely source:


It shocked me that I became so unbelievably attached to the Route 66 V-Neck Tee from the Kmart near my parents’ house in rural-ish Washington. They are the perfect weight, cut, texture, price… I’m obsessed. I just stopped in and bought four more (in mustard, heather green, moss green, and black) to add to my collection of heather grey & white at home. I buy a size up because I like them baggier. $7.98, are you kidding?

Where do you get your basics?


  • ana

    I get my basic T-shirts at Old Navy, usually. They tend to have a good fit, especially in the top area; they don’t make the arm seam super long in larger sizes, the sleeves are a good length and the scooped neckline is flattering. Oh, and their array of colors is quite lovely, too!

    • Old Navy is so good at wide color ranges! I love their selection. They were my addiction before I stumbled upon these Kmart shirts!

  • evie

    A year ago, I borrowed my younger sisters Victoria secret “essential v-neck” white tee and have since sworn off all other basic tee’s. On VS site, the tee’s are usually 2 for $26 but if you wait till they are on sale they can be much cheaper. Super soft, pre shrunk, lots of colors and XS sizing.

    • Really! I hadn’t heard anything about Victoria’s Secret shirts… I’ll definitely check that out! They DO have -great- sales…

  • I love the Target V-neck tee’s with the little pockets on the upper left chest. They are soooo comfy and are about $7. I use to buy tee’s from Forever21 but they don’t last long and have that very “cheapy” feel.

    • That’s exactly why I don’t get the Forever 21 shirts, too. The fabric just isn’t as nice as I feel like it should be! I’d rather just have 100% cotton and call it good. :)

    • Chelsea

      I’m hopelessly addicted to the Target v-necks as well! It’s pretty much my uniform these days.

  • I can’t wait to give the K-Mart t-shirts a try. I go through black v-neck tees pretty fast and have tried them all, I think. Target is too flimsy, Danskin from Wal-Mart not deep v-ed enough, Lands’ End expensive and not shapely, and the expensive Talbots one faded in the first wash. The best one I ever owned was by Philosophy, but I bought it at Filene’s Basement and never found another one.

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  • I buy my tees at Victoria’s Secret and various department stores when they have sales.

    We don’t have a Kmart in town anymore and I am not able to afford shipping these days so, I head to Victoria’s Secret since their tees are lightweight and comfy.

  • xD There’s this brand called Active Basics that has long sleeved tees I love. I’ve seen them in import clothing stores and 99 cent (and up) stores. I also order a size up because I like them stretchy but loose. If that makes any sense.

    • I know EXACTLY what you mean – that’s kind of like these Kmart shirts! They’re baggy enough, but really stretchy…? Yeah, that does sound weird, doesn’t it.