Threadless Goes 50% Off, Panties Everywhere Drop

Jen and I have been wearing Threadless shirts since we were teenagers.  Between our partners and ourselves, we’ve had dozens of beautiful, independently designed graphic t-shirts flow through our wardrobe.  Threadless tees are special because they’re designed by the wearers, and patronized by the designers, and it’s all this glorious, weird, beautiful cycle that should never, ever stop.

Right now (literally right now! Read this and go shop), you can get anything on the Threadless site for 50% off (on orders over $25). Okay, so we’re going to wrap this up because this sale ends tomorrow at 10am!

Code: MARCH50

Sale ends: 3/30 at 10am!

Code does not apply to: Other Stuff (non-clothing) items, UNICEF, College, Labs, Select, Causes, or new tees from Made by: artists Lim Heng Swee, David Fleck, Matheus Lopes, or Esther Aarts.

Here are some things you’ll find in there:

Liquid Shot Hoodie: $9.50 (reg. $19)

The Bull & The Bee Shirt: $10 (reg. $20)

Jen has this one and loves it! I might have to snag it – I’m a [Taurean] bull collector!

“Hooded” Shirt: $10 (reg. $20)

Lost Astronaut Shirt: $10 (reg. $20)

Visit & get to browsing!

  • Sarah

    I love that you posted this! I work at Threadless and my boyfriend is the male model for the Lost Astronaut shirt :) Some of my recent faves that were printed are all the art nouveau inspired shirts by Matheus Lopes Castro.

    Also, we recently partnered with Gap and the Gap + Threadless tees are AMAZING!

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  • Looks nice, specially the lost astronaut shirt.