Thurs-DIY: Roundup

– We love Kelli Murray, and we also love her cute DIY for paper mache bowls – they’re perfect for jewelry… or other fancy stuff!

– I never get sick of seeing DIY ombre tights. They’re so cool and interesting!

– If you have a t-shirt, you also have a scarf! Check out this DIY by Hello Giggles.

– Haley from Awakened Aesthetic found this really creative way to create some super-graphic nails with a little tap and topcoat!

– I just moved into a new apartment, and I’m ready to give it some personality! I’m craving wallpaper, but it’s expensive. Logic states that less wall to wallpaper = less money spent. But who wants to wallpaper only part of a wall? People with wainscoting, that’s who. And you can even create the effect with a few cheap pieces of wood and some paint. Fake wainscoting = problem solved!

– Did you know you can make SOAP in your CROCKPOT?! 

– They did such a good job of making this “animal cupcake candle holder” thing look like the coolest thing ever! I want thousands!

Leave your favorite DIYs of the week below!

  • Nice blog you have here :) thanks for featuring one of my diys! x