TOMS Flats, & Being Late To The Party

We have several girlfriends in town this weekend, and while traipsing through our fine city, we had (yes, it was obligatory) to take our ladies to one of our favorite boutiques in the state – Horseshoe! For those who are Seattle-friendly, Horseshoe is in Ballard and is populated with the cutest staff you’ll probably ever find. Not only are they adorable, but they are all passionate about supporting local businesses – just like we are!

Anyway, mushy stuff aside, Horseshoe has an impressive selection of TOMS footwear – everything froms strappy wedges to crocheted flats to the unbearably adorable ballet flats you see above. In fact, they sold Jen and I our very first pairs of TOMS and assisted us in immediately wearing them out of the store (um, how did we miss these on our Journey To Wearing Pajamas All The Time?).

Yeah, so we’re late to the TOMS party, and we’re not sure Jen is actually coming (her TOMS are still super tight – we were told that they’ll stretch, so here’s hoping), but walking 5 miles yesterday sure was nicer than trying to do it in these. (We’re ethical budget fashion bloggers, not efficient logical fashion bloggers, ok?)

So, Horseshoethank you. For being the cutest store with the best values, and making us look super cool to our out-of-state friends!

PS – Are we really supposed to capitalize TOMS every time we talk about them? I say it louder in my head every time I read it and it sounds hilarious.

“Hey guys, check out my new TOMS!@#!% ballet flats.”