Tunes-day: Pogo & Alice

I have always, and will always, love film & television. I can’t help it. I have tried to do the cool hipster thing and denounce it, but I can do so no longer. My love for the idiot box was undoubtedly accentuated and accelerated by my adoration of Disney movies, growing up. I grew up with the flat, 2-dimensional, solid-colored animations that were so real to me back then, despite their rough dubbing and bouncy motions. My favorites were Lady and The Tramp, Sleeping Beauty and most of all, Alice in Wonderland.

It’s one of my favorites because of the sheer nostalgia associated with seeing those almost-angry-looking tulips singing and dancing happily – not to mention the Mad Hatter’s unforgettable persona(s) and the rest of the motley crew. The most interesting part of my experience with Alice, though, has to be what I’ve encountered since I turned 20. I swear, one in three women my age (25-30 somewhere in there) is obsessed with Alice in Wonderland. (Seriously – check out these nails! Now that’s dedication.)

You know I hate the word whimsical, but I am having a hard time ignoring that part of my responsibility-less heart that tells me life could be like a prescription drug commercial, where people just lay around in fields all day and hallucinate conversations with talking bunnies. I think we all need a little bit of that in our day-to-day lives – minus the Ambien, if possible.

This is all really just a roundabout way of talking about an artist I discovered a while ago:

POGO: Disney Goes Downtempo

Pogo was not only the name of my first dog aka the best dog, but it’s also the name of a remix artist who cuts, pastes, and transforms Disney movies into dreamy electronica.

Alice was the first song I ever came across, but I soon discovered other brilliant remixes like Bangarang (a Hook remix), Mary’s Magic (from The Secret Garden), and yes, Harry Potter nerds – there’s one for you, too, under the title “Alohomora.”

If you want a real experience, check out “Alice” out on Yooouuutuuube – if you’re unfamiliar with the difference, please treat yourself to a sturdy chair, and do not watch from too close otherwise you might get dizzy & throw up, and I don’t want that on my conscience today.

A selection of Pogo favorites