Tunesday: This Head I Hold by Electric Guest

This Head I Hold by Electric Guest has been one of the first three songs I hear every day, for the last week and a half. There’s something about the Temptations-y sound at that superspeed tempo that makes it completely impossible not to move. Maybe it’s the physical addiction I have to Dangermouse (who produced their album, Mondo), or a swelling love for retro musical styles mixed with heavy beats… I’m into it, whatever it is.

Waking me up in the morning is no easy task – ask anyone I’ve woken up next to (oh my gosh worst suggestion ever) – so the fact that Electric Guest lives up to their name fills me with feelings akin to neon patent leather and lurex.  The above video – song, visuals and all – is the only thing that gets me out of bed, some mornings. It’s not even the Official Music Video, but it encapsulates everything I love about the song and the band.

A) Asa Taccone, the lead singer, is tiny. I love bands with tiny, male singers. That is 84% of why I like Foster The People.
B) The doo-wop feel I get from Taccone’s voice. That, and his amaze dancing (as seen in the above video) give off major motown vibes.
C) It’s energetic, independent, and free of all fuss and clutter. Just give me the damn music!
D) Slow-motion, hi-def, suede, oxford shoe porn. 

 I guarantee that you will not come out of that video/this song feeling less good. Sans double negatives: this will make you happy.

They are touring as we speak, so check their website if this tickled your fancy to the point where you’d like to see them live! Also, follow on Facebook for The Lazy Way to Follow Bands (totally acceptable). You can also buy This Head I Hold in MP3 format for $0.99 on Amazon!

  • Joni

    I like his lower register better than the falsetto…that one was about to give me a panic attack. I like the video where he steals everyone’s cute accessories and I downloaded Troubleman, very nice. Thanks for the heads up, I love hearing new music! And I, too, love a tiny frontman; Beck, Bowie, Prince…(I’m older than you ok?)