Winter Femme: Winter 2012 Outerwear by Express

Confession: I am a lover of EXPRESS. My boyfriend and I, nine times out of ten, will spend 40+ minutes in an Express if it’s within walking distance. I am totally drawn to their tendency to err on the side of “bold & graphic” and their prices fall right in my line of vision… especially during one of their many, many sales.

I also have a soft spot for EXPRESS because my very first pair of flares came from there, way back in 1999 or whatever. They were the first pants I ever wore that were, you know, fitted at all! Very exciting stuff.

The winter collection has just been released and as usual, I like it. There are lots of saturated reds and purples mixed with light, champagne-colored silks and sheer stuff. Oh, plus leather & faux fur, which you can’t really go wrong with. I was particularly excited about a lot of the outerwear I saw in their new arrivals.

Plus their outerwear is all 30% off today, so that might have swayed me a little.

Faux Fur

I really like their furry offerings this year. The coat on the left – the pink one with the amber-colored fur – went directly onto my wishlist as soon as I saw it. I have a penchant for very sweet, girly coats and this one’s vintage stench is driving me crazy.

Left: Faux Fur Trimmed Puff-Sleeve Coat, $117.60; Right: Fur Trimmed Wool Blend Toggle Coat, $89.60.

Vibrant Colors

Before you start side-eyeing me about putting a grey coat above the words “vibrant” and “color” – please just know that grey is one of my favorite colors, and a the perfect shade of grey on a coat can make it stick out in a city of concrete, trust me! The saturated plum color is agonizingly appealing, as well.

Left: Wool Blend Military Trench, $138.60; Rib Trimmed Wool Blend Coat, $138.60.

Where did you get your winter coat? If you don’t have one, what are you looking for?


PS – Much love from our team to anyone in Sandy’s way. Please stay safe! We are sending good thoughts and all that crap. 

Lindsay Ginn

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  • Daryl Zakary

    Really these are very sexy and stylish winter collection. I think, these are really for you. Also i like it. But best for you.